• Leslie Crews

Necessity of Silence [Free Verse Poem]

It took 35 years to learn the value of silence

Silence is necessary

Over committed, overwhelmed, over everythingDeciding to sit in silence

Embracing the sounds of nature

Watching the people casually stroll

Conversations outside my window 

A brown skinned woman

With a heart filled laugh

Watching life happen in the world surrounding me

Reminding myself to breathe 

Taking a moment to appreciate the shades of green 

Fresh tulips sprouting from rich dark soil


Continuing to move, without needing my interference 

Through the silence and stillness 

I’m learning to let loose of control

Exhausted from over caring, not sleeping, stomach aching 

Over things that are, temporary  

Silence told me that every trouble in life is temporary

Watching the leaves flutter, birds singing 

a melody only they can understand

Letting go of angst, intentionally pushing worries out of the way

Knowing that in the end, things always work out 

Have faith

I often dream of sitting on a tree stump

In the middle of the woods

By myself

In silence 

Where clarity is attained

Silence is necessary 

A lesson learned when I flipped a jetski in the middle of the ocean

Flipping underwater looking up 

at the very object that I feared would land me here

Then floating on my back miles away from land in perfect 


Discovering peace in the midst of chaos was a blessing

Without fear

Floating in the middle of the ocean

Smiling at the sky

Waiting oddly patiently, for someone to retrieve me

Washed over in a calm awareness 

Of the insignificance of worries and fears I woke up with

Because life had not ended

Any fear I ever had, tragedies that occured, suddenly became unimportant Irrelevant 

Through the silence of the ocean came the awareness that everything is Temporary

All of today’s troubles are temporary

This political hell we’re in 


Daily battles with smiling enemies,

Struggles to make things work

The cycle of being stable then shaken

The process of stumbling repeatedly

Until learning eventually to

look for the lesson in the chaos

Peace comes when you worry less

Emotional and human

Bound by immeasurable stress

Stretched thinner than cellophane

Pain and unfavorable circumstances

Trauma and stress 

The end is inevitable 


It will be alright

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