• Leslie Crews

Forward [Free Verse Poem]

Whoever thought that I would make it this far

Maybe my momma

The doubt can make you feel like the end never comes

The constant struggle

I never understood how the very people wishing you well

Can be the same folks praying you fail

A tale as old as time

When standing at the edge of a cliff

I bet they’d push me

Instead of encouragement to grow wings and fly

Sometimes you don’t see the full forest

Until you’re stuck at the top of a tree

Praying that softness is what lies beneath

Somebody catch me

Got a spirit that is too resilient

A faith powerful that moves mountains

Not leaning on the internets' approval

It gets me nowhere

Instead I’m pressing on and getting through it

God got me

Be careful not to tell the world your business

Your journey is not theirs

They won’t appreciate the process

Too busy stuck in the snares

No weapon fo