• Leslie Crews

Fools Game [Free Verse Poem]

Wanting to emote

But this phone routinely changes messages to duck

Instead of __

Perhaps it knows I'm trying to change my ways

Or maybe its a sign that the new wave and internet craze

Should refrain from things that make annoyance

and frustration most aggressively understandable

Maybe technology is telling me the words that I use will live on beyond

the era of Twitter fingers and coded Facebook posts

I'll stick with

what the... duck

As I non-aggressively scream it to the millions of people who struggle to get out of bed

Yet find delight in reminding us that

We are not like Them

Covered in a chameleon cloak

Conforming to sameness

With painted smiles and heart-eyes

Thinking they are blameless

in the demise of the many,

that are reportedly few

Citing "misfortune" in excuse for abuse

Decisions must be made