• Leslie Crews

Fools Game [Free Verse Poem]

Wanting to emote

But this phone routinely changes messages to duck

Instead of __

Perhaps it knows I'm trying to change my ways

Or maybe its a sign that the new wave and internet craze

Should refrain from things that make annoyance

and frustration most aggressively understandable

Maybe technology is telling me the words that I use will live on beyond

the era of Twitter fingers and coded Facebook posts

I'll stick with

what the... duck

As I non-aggressively scream it to the millions of people who struggle to get out of bed

Yet find delight in reminding us that

We are not like Them

Covered in a chameleon cloak

Conforming to sameness

With painted smiles and heart-eyes

Thinking they are blameless

in the demise of the many,

that are reportedly few

Citing "misfortune" in excuse for abuse

Decisions must be made

Uncomfortable discussions of truth

To reverse what was never made right

And persuade the foolish to release their identities as fools

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