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Better Humans Are Needed

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I'm tired of existing in a world, where my race, gender, and sexual orientation are used to decide whether I am a good person or not. A person worthy of a job opportunity, someone deserving of rights, or "privileges" as some call it. I'm tired of living in a world with endless debates over who should be treated humanely and who should not. Weary of the images of black and brown people being murdered and abused. The people of the world are crying out for help. People want to be seen. They want to be heard. They want you to see them as humans, and not have to defend their stance on whether their lives matter or not.

When the world is on fire, it's hard to find air to breathe. It's hard to navigate the world of politics. After sifting through the mess you then have to pick the candidate that sees you as a human, you hope. Because for some of us, decisions are made on the national level, that directly impact our every day lives. It's sad to think that in this era of advanced science and technology, some people are still fighting for the right to exist in peace. People want to be treated equally. People do not want to die before their god calls them home. It's simple. But the world makes the simple gesture of compassion seem like a ten-hour climb to the mountain peak. As humans, we have to be better to each other.

A person's perception of another, could determine whether that person lives, or dies. Perceptions dictate levels of compassion extended to another human in need. Why is it that someone else can decide on what happens to or with my body and not others? Has there ever been an uproar on vasectomies? It's odd that decisions about the uterus are debated and protested on a national level. But the issue of access and due care are only recently gaining public attention.

The topic of black women receiving inadequate medical care has received national news coverage, although brief. No one wants to plea for basic compassion and to be treated humanely in the midst of a medical emergency. The black maternal mortality rate doesn't get the level of attention needed though, because in someones mind "that cant be true" and "it isn't that bad". But it's real to me and many women around me. I've received harsh medical care and have been told to take Tylenol and that I'd 'be OK'. Because black women are perceived as being more pain tolerant and less likely to be truthful about pain. There's also the issue of access to medical services. People need medical care that they don't have to finagle and travel long distances to access because the doctors and medical services in their surrounding neighborhoods are 'out of network'. It's sad that decisions that regulate someone's humanity have to be made in a voting booth, when we could all learn to respect one's differences and show kindness to others.


I've always believed that as I moved through the world, a sense of responsibility came with my identity. During childhood, I learned that the world is different for people who don't look like me. My reality and the realities of other underrepresented people, often requires me to tune myself down to be perceived as "acceptable" to a majority audience. The way I dress. Whether I decided to wear my hair frizzy and wild the way like I like it, or to tame it with thick pomades and heavy gels to appear less intimidating to people who aren't used to seeing people with hair like mine. To some people of the world, hair styles are low on the scale of morning concerns. For me, this decision could impact whether I'm listened to in a meeting and it sparks fear that strangers will touch my hair. After a stranger walking past my table fluffed my hair while I was having dinner at a restaurant, I have anxiety about strangers touching my hair. It's miserable. Sure, someone will try to minimize my anxiety, but this is my every day and the responsibility isn't on me to not be violated. What makes some people think that touching strangers is okay? Perception.

Better Humans was created to challenge perceptions large and small. Through sharing stories about life, conversations with uniquely diverse people, and listening to music and literature that opens the mind to diverse thoughts and ideas, I hope to offer a space for people who truly want to learn about these experiences and grow. This blog will serve as a resource for people to find content that celebrate diversity, inspire compassion, and promote kindness.

We're flawed beings, and history doesn't have to repeat itself. We could all learn to be Better Humans.

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