About Better Humans

Leslie Crews, Cosmic Creative and Founder of Better Humans LLC, created the company as a resource to help others learn to celebrate diversity, inspire compassion, and promote kindness for all people; with a special emphasis on those of underrepresented and marginalized identities. 

As an advocate for equity, inclusion, and belonging for all people, Leslie shares personal stories of trial and personal growth, opinions, and educational resource materials, including books (audio books), music, videos, and articles, in hopes of shedding light on the different lived experiences of people around world. 

Leslie is passionate about mental health and personal development, and believes that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that everyone receives proper care and compassion. She loves Jesus and believes it's her calling to spread the message of love for all people, not just some. 

We face mental and moral obstacles every day. How we chose to interact with others in the world around us is a personal choice.

Understanding one's journey is not a prerequisite for compassion and love. 

Choose kindness. Always.

Leslie Crews, Better Humans LLC